Sometimes I eat my feelings


Sometimes, when I’m sad, or annoyed, or frankly just bored, I pop over to Tesco Express and browse the shelves to see what will cheer me up. Most of the time it’s a cinnamon bun or maybe it’s the 3 for £1.20 chocolate deal or sometimes if they’re on offer it’s the Thorntons Mini Chocolate Caramel Shortcakes. I get home, stuff my face, end up feeling bloated and sick and then sit there and tell myself how naughty I was.

I know someone out there can relate.

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Investing in Yourself – Guest post by Cleo Elliott

Today’s post is by Cleo, who I met at the Love Your Temple seminar series this year. She’s here to give you

5 tips to begin your journey ‘investing in yourself’


I bought some brand new boots the other day for work and I’m very happy I did as my old pair of pumps were a bit tired and worn. Working with children kinda does that to you. I call it my type of investing in myself and rightly so. I find I can often overlook these little acts as a legitimate form of “investing in yourself”. Right, now that I’ve cleared that up for myself. Onto the the real dumplings:

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“Confidence should not be conditional” – An interview with Lauren Wright

I interviewed the beautiful Lauren Wright to discuss her experiences with braces, judging others and insecurities. Lauren is a 18 year old Londoner who loves nature, languages and arts and crafts. Read on to find out her story. 


Hayley: What do you see confidence as?

Lauren: I see confidence as being comfortable with who God created you to be and being comfortable in encouraging others to be who they are. A lot of the time people seem to have a false sense of confidence; they actually seem confident but behind the curtain they are very shy.

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