For the Students: Lessons from Daniel

I can’t take full credit for this devotion but it is partially something I heard at Church a while ago and have expanded on.

A new Uni term is upon us;  a new student loan (thank you government) , for some a new timetable and hopefully for all of us, a new and refreshed attitude towards learning (new year, new us right?) . There’s a lesson we can learn from the Bible to prepare us for a new degree or period of education.


Meet Daniel, essentially a student – he and his Hebrew friends were taken into Babylonian captivity to be educated in the Chaldean ways for three years. Sound familiar? Like most of us, although not by choice, Daniel dedicated three years of his life to studying. He was a student.

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Eating Clean – Carbs, Fats & Proteins

This post is a part 2 to my introduction post ‘Eating Clean – How to Lose Weight the Right Way’ so if you haven’t read that first, click here to do so. I’ve tried to keep this post as simple as possible but if you want more information or a personalised meal plan please contact me and I’d be more than happy to help.

So, we’ve talked about eating clean, unprocessed and natural foods, now it is time to discuss food groups and putting them together to create a healthy balanced meal.


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Eating Clean – Losing Weight the Right Way

I don’t do diets. I like food too much. I mean, I have dieted in the past but nothing became of them. There was the ‘just eat a biscuit all day at school and you’ll lose weight AND save money’ diet I did in year 10, there was the Special K Diet (Who else tried that?) and there have been a few more.  Two years ago I began a weight loss journey and it worked. The weight came off consistently, I was never hungry, I enjoyed my food and I feel great.


So how did I do it?

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Sometimes I eat my feelings


Sometimes, when I’m sad, or annoyed, or frankly just bored, I pop over to Tesco Express and browse the shelves to see what will cheer me up. Most of the time it’s a cinnamon bun or maybe it’s the 3 for £1.20 chocolate deal or sometimes if they’re on offer it’s the Thorntons Mini Chocolate Caramel Shortcakes. I get home, stuff my face, end up feeling bloated and sick and then sit there and tell myself how naughty I was.

I know someone out there can relate.

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Why I don’t believe in cheat meals



So what does cheating mean? When one cheats on their husband or wife it means they are going against the marital contract that they agreed to. They vowed to commit to one person and they broke that vow. So in order to have a cheat meal there must be something that you are cheating on. How can you intentionally cheat on your lifestyle, if it is a lifestyle? A lifestyle implies that it is something you have decided to do long-term and believe in. Sure, people go against their values and even religious beliefs sometimes but to me, to intentionally make a plan to cheat on your healthy lifestyle makes no sense.

Usually, when people adopt a healthy lifestyle, often to lose or gain weight or to just be healthier, they realise how bad certain foods are. You see posts on their Instagram of the dangers of cow’s milk or the amount of sugar in a can or coke or a McDonalds burger that just won’t expire. So, if you believe that junk food is bad for you, then why would you eat it at all? If you truly believe that processed food is harmful then why would you implement it into your diet at all, let alone once a week. It’s like saying, “I’m anti cocaine, it’s so bad for you,” yet setting aside every Friday lunchtime to take it. Junk food is bad for you, that’s why you gave it up in the first place right? The very things that got you overweight or gave you heart problems are the things you’re cheating with. So why incorporate them into your diet on purpose?

And for those who say, “I don’t do cheat meals, I do treat meals” why is food your reward? Are you a puppy? As humans we need to stop emotionally eating. From comfort eating to cheat/treat meals; it’s all a mental thing.

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Recent Eats

We all like to see what everyone else is eating. From the typical West Indian Sunday dinners (don’t forget the #wifeyskills) to the colourful salads to the amazing vegan, sugar free, flour free cupcakes. Scrolling through my instagram feed when I’m hungry isn’t a great idea but I like to follow people who make healthy meals or are generally eating well because it inspires me to make new things and encourages me to make good choices. Here are some of the things I’ve eaten recently:

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Keeping Healthy at Uni (Even if you’re broke!)

The student life. Multiple deadlines, crazy flatmates, tempting parties and depressing overdrafts. The last thing you have time for when you have 3 essays due and a migraine from the mad freshers across the road is cooking up a healthy meal. Chopping courgettes and soaking chickpeas? Is there even room for a butternut squash on that tiny shelf they gave you? And what if someone steals your precious £4 coconut oil from the kitchen? Fear not, there are ways to healthily survive your degree without piling on the pounds or spending too many of them either! Eating healthier is a lot easier than most people think and not as expensive as rumour has it. Here are my top tips:

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