My Fitness Journey vs My Spiritual Journey [Part 2]

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It’s amazing how much losing weight and going to the gym taught me about my relationship with God. Here are three more examples:

4. It’s a mental battle


Losing weight/trying to get fit is totally mental! I mean, of course you have to physically move but your arms and legs won’t take you where your mind doesn’t tell it to go. If I tell myself, “You might aswell stop running now, you’ve done ten minutes, that’s good enough” then be sure I will stop even if my body can run for another hour. On the other hand, if I tell myself that I will run and lap that pretty thin woman with the expensive lokoking nike leggings in the park then I will! It’s all in the head. It takes commitment and motivation; how many times did I stop and start silly diets and exercise programs before I finally got serious? Countless! It’s quite common for us ladies; we start a fad diet and then give up as soon as someone in the office shakes the celebration tub at us. (You’ve tasted them all before – don’t be afraid to say no.) But what makes the difference between those that fall on and off of the weightloss wagon and those who stick at it and actually get results? The mindset. If you really, truly want to do something then you will and no matter how many pairs of nike free runs you own, the only thing that will get you off that sofa and into that gym is yourself. You have to overcome those mental hurdles, thinking before you eat, stopping yourself when you are full, pushing yourself to do an extra set or run an extra mile. When your body gets tired then its up to your mind to say “Nah Mrs Legs! We’re not done yet!” and keep on going. If you’re not used to exercising or you’re trying something new then it’s bound to tire you out and of course you’ll feel a burn; it doesn’t mean you should stop though. It’s easy to give up because you’re physically tired or a bit sore but the true secret to weight loss or fitness is pushing yourself to go further and out of your comfort zone. Nothing ever grows in the comfort zone; push yourself out of it and you’ll see results.

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My Fitness Journey vs My Spiritual Journey [Part 1]

I started being intentional about losing weight and living healthier in October 2012. It’s been a real journey and as expected there were some great points and some low points. Sometimes I’d be jumping for joy and practically kissing the scales and other days I’d be standing in front of the mirror angrily as if my evil stares would burn the fat away. When I look back over all of the sweaty gym sessions, the days I craved chocolate, the days I gave in and ate chocolate and the great times that people told me I looked good I can see many similarities between my fitness journey and my Christian walk.

photo“Hey, look at me! I’m working hard in the gym.”

So here are the lessons I’ve learnt, I’ve split this post into two parts because let’s be honest, nobody likes to read long blog posts.

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Keeping Healthy at Uni (Even if you’re broke!)

The student life. Multiple deadlines, crazy flatmates, tempting parties and depressing overdrafts. The last thing you have time for when you have 3 essays due and a migraine from the mad freshers across the road is cooking up a healthy meal. Chopping courgettes and soaking chickpeas? Is there even room for a butternut squash on that tiny shelf they gave you? And what if someone steals your precious £4 coconut oil from the kitchen? Fear not, there are ways to healthily survive your degree without piling on the pounds or spending too many of them either! Eating healthier is a lot easier than most people think and not as expensive as rumour has it. Here are my top tips:

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