Meal Prepping – What, how and why?



I’ve alway been a packed lunch sorted of girl. I think it’s the way I was brought up; we hardly bought food when we were out because well, “there’s food at home” and if we were going to be out all day then my Mum would say “pack a snack.” She wasn’t stopping for a Happy Meal; eat your snack or wait until you get home. Even now I take packed lunch to work, uni and sometimes even Church. When I started looking after myself and eating healthier I took it up a level and started to meal prep. You may have heard of this concept and I highly recommend it if you’re trying to stay on track of a healthy lifestyle and you’re busy or don’t like cooking.

‘Meal prep’ is a phrase commonly used in the fitness, weight loss and body building world. It’s pretty simple really; to meal prep is to prepare your meals in advance. It’s not a process unique to those trying to live healthier lives, people do it all the time; mothers might prepare a day’s worth of meals for their babies in advance, busy students might cook two day’s worth of meals or those working night shifts may cook meals in ahead of time.

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An example of my meal prep

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For the Students: Lessons from Daniel

I can’t take full credit for this devotion but it is partially something I heard at Church a while ago and have expanded on.

A new Uni term is upon us;  a new student loan (thank you government) , for some a new timetable and hopefully for all of us, a new and refreshed attitude towards learning (new year, new us right?) . There’s a lesson we can learn from the Bible to prepare us for a new degree or period of education.


Meet Daniel, essentially a student – he and his Hebrew friends were taken into Babylonian captivity to be educated in the Chaldean ways for three years. Sound familiar? Like most of us, although not by choice, Daniel dedicated three years of his life to studying. He was a student.

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