What do to when you’re having a Fat Day


 Today I’m having a Fat Day. You know the ones? When you feel bigger than you really are and your outfit doesn’t look right and it gets you down, or maybe you’re just a bit hormonal and you don’t feel good about yourself or maybe you’re even having a bad hair day (or bad hair week in my case sometimes!) It’s totally a mental thing and most of the time we look perfectly fine but here are some things you can do on one of those days:

  1. Dress up

“Yeah but that’s why I feel fat in the first place, my new bodycon makes me look pregnant.”

Then don’t wear the bodycon. Wear something else that you KNOW you look good in and most importantly feel good in. When we feel comfortable and like what we’re wearing, we tend to have a good day because that positive feeling translates to our attitude and mood. Put on your favourite outfit, whether it’s a comfortable hoody or a nice dress and catwalk to your destination, even if it’s just a uni lecture or a trip to ASDA, it’s about you and your feelings today. Looking good isn’t just for parties, photos and birthdays; feel beautiful every single day.

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5 Tips for a Healthier You

Whether you want to lose weight, start a new way of eating or gain some healthy muscle, these tips are sure to help:

1. Tell someone

You don’t have to tell the whole of Facebook and post pre-gym, en route to gym, on treadmill and post gym changing room selfies but telling a good friend or family member helps to keep you accountable and motivated. Once you know you’ve told someone your plan, you’re more likely to remain consistent and actually go through with it because you want to prove yourself and show them that you’re serious. Hopefully they’ll motivate you by checking up on your progress now and again and gently reminding you of your goals when you’re about to order that triple stuffed, double cheese pizza.

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I am Me, not Her – Comparing Yourself


Sometimes, on the tube or at work or at Church, basically everywhere, I look at other girls and I think “Why can’t I look like her?’

“Why can’t I have hair like that?”

“How come her stomach is so flat and mine isn’t?”

“I wish I had legs like hers.”

And don’t get me started on Instagram. I’ll be scrolling through my timeline thinking,

“Oh wow her abs are so defined, how come mine aren’t? I’m so fat.”

“Look at her spicy tomato quinoa, her meals are so much better than mine, she’s going to lose more weight than me.”

“She goes so hard in the gym! And I gave up after 3 sets, I’m so weak.”

It sounds so silly but I know for a fact that other girls do it too. It’s so easy to look at other beautiful ladies and compare yourself but it is so dangerous. Comparison is my biggest weakness but I’m slowly beginning to see how unhealthy it is and I am teaching myself to love myself for who I am. Here’s why:

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