Nike Women’s 10KM 2015: We Run London Recap

So yesterday, I and 9,999 other women took part in a 10KM run organised by Nike. This was my first every 10KM run, I’ve only ever taken part in one other organised run and that was a Cancer Research 5K over 5 years ago. Prior to the run, Nike did a lot of promotions, sent out a training plan and even organised training groups. I attended two of these running groups at the Oxford Circus Niketown Store and did some runs on my own. I’m not a huge fan of long distance running and running a 10KM was not something I’d imagined myself doing this year but the event looked really good and I told myself to get out of my comfort zone in 2015 so I signed up.


Black girl on the far right – yep, that’s ME!


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Should I get a Personal Trainer?

You’ve seen the documentaries and the MTV shows; human wants to lose weight, they hire a trainer, trainer shouts at them in the gym, makes them sweat, vomit and cry, trainer throws away all of their chocolate and creates amazing salads and within 6 weeks they are half their size. They become confident, beautiful, dye their hair and they even get married. So, you ask, is this what it’s really like having a Personal Trainer (PT) and are they worth the money? Well, I’ve had two, (I still have one) both male and female, so I can share my experience.


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