10 Things I would tell my Teenage Self


Teenage Hayley

Self conscious, shy, ambitious and longing to be loved.

Here’s what I wish I could tell her:

1. Love yourself; it’s hard but it makes life so much easier and much more fun. You’re actually really cool and you are enough; please don’t lower your standards for anyone.

2.  Friends come and go. Some are great (like Rumbi) and stay forever but most of the others are seasonal and fulfil a specific purpose for a specific time and that’s okay. However, some friends are just a waste of time so use your common sense, choose wisely and be careful who you tell your business to.

3. Nobody actually cares how flat your belly is so stop wasting all of that energy sucking it in 24:7. Breathe!

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4. Your Mum actually knows what she’s talking about most of the time so listen to her.

5. Every single choice you make now has an impact on your future; from the way you style your hair (hello heat damage and breakage), to the food you eat (cereal doesn’t love you back) and the boys you give your number to outside Primark (sigh).

6. Fall in love with the Bible; you’ll need it.


7. Stop worrying about what you look like and just enjoy the moment. Your face will not change anytime soon so learn to accept it and work with it. You won’t wake up tomorrow looking like someone else as much as you want to so stop running away from photos because in ten years time you’ll wish you could look back on the fun memories.

8. Your body is special. It is a temple and even though it doesn’t look the way you want it to and this makes you feel low, please don’t allow just anyone to enter it.

9. Tell people how much they mean to you while they are alive. It’s okay to say it out loud.

10. It’s okay that you don’t know what exactly what you want to be in the future; be open-minded, do lots of work experience in different fields and most importantly ask God.You didn’t get into Cambridge University for a reason; you would have hated the course so don’t worry. (Well done for getting an interview though!) It all works out in the end and your dream career is around the corner.



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