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We’ll start with my ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ post. It wasn’t the most exciting day of food but it was all clean so I can’t complain. I was just at home writing an essay and surprisingly didn’t have loads of snacks. What is it about being at home and doing work that makes you go to the fridge every half an hour? Well this time I managed to stay put and only eat three meals and one snack. So here we go, and don’t forget to check out the link-up party over at Peas & Crayons.



Oats with hemp seeds, chia, cinnamon and natural blueberry jam // Kidney bean chilli con carne with wholemeal pitta and green beans // Raisins // 3 boiled eggs (Post workout) 


My Favourite Fitness Apps


Technology. Oh how things have changed. The above photo sums up the development of fitness and technology completly. Nowadays, you didn’t workout unless twitter knows about it. And if you cooked and didn’t inform instagram? The whole meal was pointless. Jokes asisde, I’m a fan of technology but I do believe some people go a bit overboard when it comes to showing off about how many times you’ve hit the gym this week or photographing every meal or even vlogging whilst on the treadmill (are you really running your fastest?) I think it’s great that my iphone can help me when it comes to my workouts; apart from the camera, (mid-squat selfies erm okay!) there are actually other ways to use your phone to help you in yout fitness journey.

Here are some of my favourite apps to use.

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1. Nike Running


This app is really straight forward to use if you simply want to keep track of your runs. It tells you how far you ran and how long it took you and even keeps a record so that you know when you’ve beaten your fastest time. I use this whenever I go for a run and then proceed to screenshot my time and show off on instagram!

2. BodySpace


I can’t say I’ve stayed 100% consistent to any plan but when I have used them, the app has been very useful. It lets you track your workout on your phone so you don’t have to go from machine to machine with your notebook and pen. You can tick off when you’ve completed each exercise, how many reps you managed and so forth. Also, when you’re not sure on exactly how to complete an exercise it has a video to show you! Saves you looking silly and ending up on a meme!

3. MyFitnessPal


I’m not into counting calories but if that is your thing then this is the app for you. Basically this app is a food diary and it’s pretty cool because it allows you to scan food items and then shows you the nutritional content and adds it to your daily intake diary. I don’t use it every day but I do believe tracking your food intake is important in the early stages of your weight loss journey and so when I have done, I used this. Like I said calorie counting isn’t for me but it advises you on how many calories you should be consuming a day for your weight, height and goals and as you enter each meal and snack lets you know how many you have left to eat.

4. Nike Training Club


When I got stuck in a rut at the gym, this app saved me! A friend reccomend it and it was a huge help. It’s got so many different workouts for differnet goals or body parts and uses ordinary gym equipment so you can find a mat in the corner of the gym and get going. It tracks your workouts too and the more you do, the more rewards you get. They’re quite challenging too so prepare to sweat!

5. Seven


This app was useful when I went on holiday. (Yes, you can workout on holiday!) It’s a quick but high intensity 7 minute workout that you can do without any equipment. You can do as many rounds as you want and like the name says, it’s quick so there’s not really any excuse is there? I’d reccomend this as a warm up at the gym or you could make it your whole workout if you did it about 4 times.


Do you use any of these apps? Which other ones do you think I should download? Let me know in the comments. 


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