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We all like to see what everyone else is eating. From the typical West Indian Sunday dinners (don’t forget the #wifeyskills) to the colourful salads to the amazing vegan, sugar free, flour free cupcakes. Scrolling through my instagram feed when I’m hungry isn’t a great idea but I like to follow people who make healthy meals or are generally eating well because it inspires me to make new things and encourages me to make good choices. Here are some of the things I’ve eaten recently:

Porridge with sliced almonds, natural jam and cashew butter

If you haven’t tried cashew butter then you’re seriously missing out. It’s so good in porridge, in smoothies, on a banana and so many other ways. I love adding it along with this jam made from fruits into my morning  oats.
photo 2

Quinoa salad with sweetcorn, cucumber and kidney beans

I made multiple portions of this to take to Uni with me last week

photo 3

Bulgur wheat, chickpea curry and mixed vegetables

Another meal I batch cooked for the week. (I don’t like cooking remember!)

photo 4

Homemade protein shake

This contained 2 bananas, almonds, hemp seeds, cinnamon almond milk and water.

photo 2

Scrambled eggs with spinach and 2 Linda Mccartney sasuages 

Not the most amazing looking dish but one of my go-to meals that I absolutely love. Sometimes I stuff it all into a wholemeal pitta or wrap and add plantain.


photo 4


Pesto pasta 

I used expensive Holland & Barrett pesto  for the first time on wholewheat pasta and added some frozen veg.


photo 1-22


Pav Bhaji & Rice

Microwave food, I know, I know! But it isn’t as bad as it looks. I went into work without bringing lunch with me and had to find something for lunch. I chose brown basmati rice which has nothing added to it and in the World Food aisle of ASDA I picked up a curry. This is not your typical instant meal; this curry has no trans fat, no preservatives and is even gluten free for anyone who can’t digest gluten. The natural spices mean there isn’t a need for preservatives and it was only 85p and tasted great. I had some fruit for desert.


photo 1


Chocolate reindeer!

Because I really like chocolate.

photo 1


So that’s what’s been in my belly recently! What have you been eating? Have you ever tried any of the above?


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