What I ate Wednesday #1 (WIAW)




I always enjoy reading other people’s WIAW post’s so I thought I’d jump onto the bandwagon. If you’ve never seen one before then head over to Jenn’s blog  to find out what it’s all about.

So here’s what I ate last Wednesday Tuesday!

Breakfast – Veggie omelette

photo 2


I’m pretty simple when it comes to food and I hardly get bored of eating the same old thing. For me, breakfast is either always porridge, an omelette or if I’m maybe granola if I’ve been bothered to make some.

I saw an instagram post of an omelette and it was packed with veggies so I thought I’d do that too since usually I only throw in spinach and red onion. This one had a sprinkle of each packet of frozen veg in the freezer. Except the sprouts, that would just be weird.

Morning Snack – Hemp smoothie and cashews

photo 1

I’ve started using hemp protein powder in my smoothies and let me tell you that thing tastes disgusting! I’ve been experimenting with different ways to disguise the taste and today was a success. This smoothie contained half of a banana, a pear, a handful of frozen cherries, 2 tablespoons of hemp powder, 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds, agave nectar, cinnamon and a tablespoon of peanut butter. I can’t say it tasted amazing but it was drinkable. I’ll be experimenting with more flavours this week.

Lunch – Chickpea stir fry and sweet potato fries


photo 5

I LOVE sweet potato fries. If you haven’t tried them, go and make some! I forgot to chop of the pointy ends hence the burnt crispiness of them but they still tasted great. Stir-frys are a regular thing for me; I simply throw in a protein, usually chickpeas or tofu, a bag of stir fry, seasoning and I’m done. Takes less than ten minutes and it’s good for meal preps.

Afternoon Snack – Cucumber and humus


Your very typical ‘this-is-what-you-need-to-eat-to-lose-weight’ snack but I actually really like humus. I could easily sit and eat it like it’s yogurt but I tried a bit of portion control and gave myself a small serving just to keep me going until dinner.

Dinner – Bulgur wheat, lentil curry and veg


So this is not the most appealing looking meal but hey, it’s hard to make food look great when it’s in a tupperware container. I usually make a big batch of some sort of curry at the start of the week and then have it for dinner either at home or work. I don’t like cooking, I know – I won’t find a husband right?  – so this is a simple meal that lasts the week and is easy to take to work. I served this curry with bulgur wheat and green beans.

Dessert – Bear pure fruit yo-yo

photo 4

Yes, it’s for kids but it craves my after dinner sweet tooth so I always pack one with me to work. Fruit after 7pm – call the nutrition police! I love these, 100% fruit and there’s lots of different flavours.

So there we have it, a day in my belly! Well, more like a week since I eat the same thing every day but there you go.

What did you eat today?

Leave your WIAW links below so I can check them out.



  1. Venessa
    November 19, 2014 / 9:26 am

    Hi Hayley, came across your blog when you posted something on Facebook recently. I have to say I’m loving what I’m seeing. Last month I decided I wanted to return to my fitness journey. I’ve never been big or anything but I do enjoy working out and it helps reduce my stress levels a little. I just wanted to say you look amazing and your blog is helping in keeping me focused, reminding me to never give up and nothing happens over night, as well as it’s ok to crawl first before I know what it feels like to run a marathon.

    • Hayley
      November 19, 2014 / 7:48 pm

      Hi Vanessa. Thank you SO much for your kind words. It means a lot, I thought nobody was reading! If you ever need tips or help feel free to ask or if there is a topic you want me to write a post on please suggest. Take care Vanessa x

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