Investing in Yourself – Guest post by Cleo Elliott

Today’s post is by Cleo, who I met at the Love Your Temple seminar series this year. She’s here to give you

5 tips to begin your journey ‘investing in yourself’


I bought some brand new boots the other day for work and I’m very happy I did as my old pair of pumps were a bit tired and worn. Working with children kinda does that to you. I call it my type of investing in myself and rightly so. I find I can often overlook these little acts as a legitimate form of “investing in yourself”. Right, now that I’ve cleared that up for myself. Onto the the real dumplings:

What is investing?

“The commitment of something other than money (time, energy, or effort) to a project with the expectation of some worthwhile result.”

So…your the project awaiting to be afflicted with the time, energy and effort (often money) to achieve an end result. Well, sounds grand and I guess pretty simple. But everyone is different and we all have our unique personal goals that we want to reach and so what might seem as a form of investing in oneself could mean an entirely different thing to another.

I’ve found (and am still finding) that it is not so easy knowing where to begin when it comes to investing in one-self matters and I’m sure there are a few well meaning, highly intelligent, high potential, lovely people out there just eagerly waiting to start their journeys. So….here are 5 tips to get you started. And only to get you started. Lets go!

1. Write down your short term and long term personal goals

Yes. Write them down! Always write your goals down. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t achieved them yet, write them down anywhere. Your phone, piece a paper, post it, diary anywhere. And keep writing them down. Theres something about seeing your thoughts materialise on paper (and thats just the first hurdle). Once you can see everything, its easier to then think about what your going to do to help you get to those goals. Give yourself a little update possibly every 3 or 6 months on what your goals actually are. I’ve found in the last year my goals have had to change, simply because ‘things change’. There is no use having a goal of going on a holiday to the states in a year when your salary has been decreased. If you earn or have saved enough to support that idea then it is ok, but even so going back to the drawing board will most likely be a must to successfully reach those goals when change comes. And of course even those more personal goals we could all do with having like being more positive and maybe smiling more, those are goals too you know. Its always good to have a fresh and clear view of what your goals actually are.

2. Save!

Yes! We would all love to be the hero and save the day but its not likely when your broke and strapped for cash. So save your money. I’ve had to learn this over and over again; the importance in saving my money. Forgive me, because I have only started on the saving bandwagon but at the same time I can say that it’s so liberating to know that later down the line I may just end up needing that money. New curtains. New pair a shoes. Holiday away. New car. New home. Emergencies. Or maybe those priceless riches like helping someone in need. You know, just the usual investments.

3. Practise something that you enjoy

When I say something, I mean anything. I can honestly say that life wouldn’t be how life should be if we didn’t have anything we enjoyed.  Everyone of us has at least one thing that they enjoy doing. Do you like running? Set aside time in your day to do some running. Do you like cooking? Up your game and practise cooking some new meals. Do you like spending time with family? Arrange some time to spend a few days with your family once in a while. The list is eternal. I enjoy journalling my prayers. Its an interest I picked up 2 years ago and by practising it, its become a habit. Zone in on those activities that bring you pleasure.

4. Do something that will support a career goal

This is something that is becoming increasingly important to me as I prepare to pursue my chosen career path. Those humble beginnings, where you didn’t really give much thought to what you were doing. Well, start thinking my friend, because they are the building blocks to you landing on that dream course. Whatever you do in your everyday life, whether its taking payments, assisting people, looking after children, singing, sharing a house with other tenants, all these experiences are there to teach you something and help you learn and practise some vital skills. So reflect on what those long term career goals are and learn from what you have now to help you get there.

5. Pray always

All of my challenges and everything that I’ve mentioned in this article was all because of the help of God. I wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t, whatever else you want to add in, have learnt these things if God hadn’t allowed certain experiences to take root in my life. I strongly believe there is a difference between an individual who believes there is a God but has no relationship with God to an individual who believes and takes the time to get to know what God is all about. You will no doubt make wiser and better choices. Which leads me onto my next tip. Pray. Talk to God about it and he will train you in the way you should go.

There are so many other ways to invest in yourself, but these I felt were my top 5. What do you do?

Happy Investing everyone!

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