5 Tips for a Healthier You

Whether you want to lose weight, start a new way of eating or gain some healthy muscle, these tips are sure to help:

1. Tell someone

You don’t have to tell the whole of Facebook and post pre-gym, en route to gym, on treadmill and post gym changing room selfies but telling a good friend or family member helps to keep you accountable and motivated. Once you know you’ve told someone your plan, you’re more likely to remain consistent and actually go through with it because you want to prove yourself and show them that you’re serious. Hopefully they’ll motivate you by checking up on your progress now and again and gently reminding you of your goals when you’re about to order that triple stuffed, double cheese pizza.

2. Plan your meals

Healthy food will not just appear on your plate; you have to buy it and cook it. Plan your meals each week and then go out and purchase exactly what you need. When you’ve planned a week of meals you’ll stay on track because you have healthy options ready and waiting. Waiting to see ‘what you feel like eating’ each day doesn’t work for most people. Sometimes I feel like having cheesecake for dinner. I highly recommend ‘meal prep’ and I blogged about it here.  Even if you don’t prepare your meals in advance, at least have a plan of what you will eat and when each day, you’ll save time and money.


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3. Be consistent



If you ‘fall off of the wagon’ and happen to accidentally have Mcdonalds for lunch one day then all is not lost. Make a healthy choice at the next meal. Yes, the next meal, not the next day or Monday or month. Every new meal is a chance to make things better. Most people give up easily on their health journeys because they do not see results straight away. You did not gain that weight overnight so do not expect to lose it overnight! Keep going and be patient; if you are exercising well and eating clean then you will see results but you have to be consistent. If you eat healthily one week and then unhealthily the next and rotate this cycle then sadly results will be poor. However, if you stick at it and follow your plan you’ll be successful. It can be very frustrating to be nibbling on carrot sticks and seeing no change for a couple of weeks but keep at it and you will see a change.

4. Get moving

Nutrition is key, it really is, but exercise is essential too and it is not just about weight loss. God did not create us to sit still; keeping active keeps our bodies healthy. You don’t have to join a gym. Join a sports club (there are so many to choose from), do a workout DVD, go running, sign up to a fitness class; there is no excuse not to be active. Exercise makes you feel good as well as look good.


5. Drink Well

We all know that we need to drink lots of water to keep healthy but many of us forget about other drinks. We consume a lot of ’empty calories’ through juice, coffee, fizzy drinks and other drinks without even realising. That morning latte? You might as well have eaten a Snickers. I read that a double chocolate chip frap is the equivalent of 120 skittles. Worth it? Nope! I’m guilty of this too; it is so easy to gulp down a beverage and not realise that you’re taking in a lot of sugar and thus sabotaging your health journey. Choose to drink water, herbal teas and natural fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices as these drinks have great health benefits and won’t pile on the pounds.

All the best on your journey to a better you. For personal tips and advice feel free to get in touch. I love to help people help themselves. 


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