What do to when you’re having a Fat Day


 Today I’m having a Fat Day. You know the ones? When you feel bigger than you really are and your outfit doesn’t look right and it gets you down, or maybe you’re just a bit hormonal and you don’t feel good about yourself or maybe you’re even having a bad hair day (or bad hair week in my case sometimes!) It’s totally a mental thing and most of the time we look perfectly fine but here are some things you can do on one of those days:

  1. Dress up

“Yeah but that’s why I feel fat in the first place, my new bodycon makes me look pregnant.”

Then don’t wear the bodycon. Wear something else that you KNOW you look good in and most importantly feel good in. When we feel comfortable and like what we’re wearing, we tend to have a good day because that positive feeling translates to our attitude and mood. Put on your favourite outfit, whether it’s a comfortable hoody or a nice dress and catwalk to your destination, even if it’s just a uni lecture or a trip to ASDA, it’s about you and your feelings today. Looking good isn’t just for parties, photos and birthdays; feel beautiful every single day.

  1. Eat good food


By good food I mean healthy food, not a Marks & Spencer walnut and ginger muffin or a £3.45 smoked salon and cream cheese bagel from the local bakery. When I feel bad, the first thing I want to do is eat chocolate or cheesecake or maybe a chocolate cheesecake but in reality, I end up feeling even more fat. Emotional eating is unhealthy for many reasons, read my post on it to see why. Inhaling an entire tub of ice-cream will lead to you feeling even worse because you’ll spend the night rubbing your food baby, full of regret, wondering if the sugar fest will lead to a change on the scales or if you’ll ever fit into that dress.

 When you eat good food, you feel good. Sometimes it’s the actual nutrients doing their work and giving you a boost of energy but sometimes it’s simply because we know we’re doing the right thing and that makes us feel proud. Also, if I’m feeling overweight and sad about the way I look then the only thing I can do is change that. Eating a pizza will not rectify the situation but drinking a fresh fruit smoothie will. If you’re not happy with your weight then do something about it. Eating healthily is what we should be doing and so technically we don’t deserve any praise for it but if it’s not something we’re used to doing then eating a salad rather than a cheeseburger will make us feel like we’re one step closer to being on America’s Next Top Model and that’s a great feeling so if that’s what it takes then eat your carrots and smize the day away. 

  1. Spend time in nature

I don’t know what it is about fresh air that gives us such a great feeling but spending some time outside, on your own works wonders. We’re not all blessed to live beside country lanes and beautiful forests but even a short walk around the local park is bound to make you feel good. Take an hour and sit by a tree and just take in God’s creation and have a good old think about life. You’ll leave with a clearer head and a more positive outlook on your day. It’s possible to squeeze some alone time in nature into your busy day too; walk part of the route to home work or class instead of taking the bus or spend your lunch break on a park bench instead of the canteen. Just take a minute away from your phone, laptop and social media feeds and take in your surroundings.

  1. Exercise


I rarely leave the gym feeling sad; most of the time I leave feeling like Superwoman. Honestly, all of those endorphins do something to me and I walk out of the changing room feeling like I could fly home and save the world on the way. Sometimes, after a long day, spending some alone time in the gym with just my music for company is just what I need. It’s like therapy; if I’m frustrated I can take it out on the weights and I get that great pump in my arms and then I have a quick spin session, dancing in my head as if I’m in a music video and then I glide my way to the train station like the woman from the Special K advert.



Post-gym “I feel so cool and pumped” selfie

It’s a known fact; exercise makes us feel good because we produce endorphins (chemicals that make you feel positive). It’s not just about weight loss, although each work out means we’re one step closer to our goals, it’s a feeling of ‘I’m doing something positive with my body.’ Exercising is self-love because you’re taking the time to maintain a healthy temple and look after yourself and every girl likes a pamper session. It’s just as important as taking the time whip shea butter into your hair or file your nails or exfoliate your face; show your body some love by exercising. Whether it’s pounding the treadmill, lifiting some weights, going for a run outside or doing some stretches at home; get moving and you’ll feel better.


  1. Tell yourself that it isn’t that bad



This is the most important. Our self doubts and insecurities can really weaken our confidence and this impacts our productivity, relationships and our general outlook on life. You might FEEL ugly or FEEL fat but you are more than your feelings. You might have a fat/ugly day EVERY day (I know the feeling) but losing weight or wearing make up won’t change how you feel about yourself. You need to love yourself NOW, flaws and all, because this is the only face you’re going to get so you’d better start loving it.I thought my self-esteem issues would disappear when I joined the gym and to some extent they did I still have struggles. I still have bad days, I still wonder if everyone is staring at my belly and I still avoid going to some events because I’m worried about what I look like. Losing weight did not change my mental state; I have to work at that separately. 


When I’m feeling down about myself, it’s so easy to spiral into a puddle of negativity and walk around feeling sorry for myself but recently I’ve started giving myself pep talks. I force myself to feel good. It sounds strange but it works. I stand in front of the mirror and I tell myself, “Hayley, today you look good because God made you to look beautiful and today you will not let anyone take that away from you.” or when I catch myself comparing my outfit with another woman I have to tell myself “Stop comparing, be yourself” or I try and distract myself with something else. I’m hoping that the more I talk to myself, the more I will begin to believe it and eventually it will become a reality.

So please don’t feel fat, or ugly or anything less than beautiful ladies. Having a fat day is a waste of a great day and you deserve so much more. You don’t want to look back on any day, week or moment and regret wallowing in your self-pity when you could have had fun. Make today and every day, a beautiful day. 



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