What Has LYT Been Up To? A One Year Review


My blog is a year old! I would say Happy Birthday blog but that’s a tad weird. Instead, we’ll take a look back over the last year and see what Love Your Temple, the small ministry I started a few months before the blog, has done over the last year so that you can reflect with me and also get involved in future events and opportunities if something you see takes your interest 

Disclaimer: The quality of photos in this post are not great. I’m still new to the blogging life.

In June 2014 that I launched Love Your Temple Ministries(LYT). I had always wanted to create a women’s ministry that was different from the typical dating, marriage and ‘Wait for Your Adam’ type ministry and I knew that I wanted it to focus on confidence and self-esteem but I always thought I’d start it “when I was older, wiser and confident.” I guess God had other plans!

I started a weight loss journey in 2013 and slowly as I lost weight I began to gain confidence. I don’t believe losing weight is the key to becoming a more confident person but for me, taking care of my body and valuing what I put inside of it helped me to have a higher level of self-esteem. Also, people started asking me for advice as they saw me change physically. I had found my ministry! I realised how many other women were struggling with body image and self-esteem and I wanted to start a ministry focused on helping women to love themselves. I combined my new-found knowledge, interest and passion in health and fitness combined with my desire to help women with their confidence and Love Your Temple was created. Love Your Temple is a women’s ministry focused on encouraging women to love themselves on the inside and out.

So, what has Love Your Temple actually done so far?

‘Operation Sweat’





In June 2014, I launched a weekly fitness class for women. I know that women that finances, lack of knowledge, loneliness and motivation hinder women from working out so I wanted to create a fun and challenging class where women would feel comfortable exercising with each other and be motivated by the group setting. The classes went well; we laughed, we worked out, we even sang a few hymns of desperation  as we lunged and there were free snacks afterwards however, due to location problems Operation Sweat had to be cancelled.  I would love to restart the class when I find a suitable location.

‘The Way You See Me – A Seminar Series 









LYT held a 4 part seminar at Holloway SDA Church. We had four seminar topics self-confidence, insecurities, body image and self-love led by four different inspirational women; Jodie Burnett, Miriam Terek of Women Set Apart, Lorraine Johnson and Irene Onek. The speakers were amazing; we did group activities, we took time to think about our personal experiences and we heard the stories of other women. Women from a range of ages attended and I was really happy to see that women could come together, discuss these topics freely and most importantly learn and be inspired to make changes in their own lives.

One-to-One nutrition advice

I love to give people advice on weight loss, fitness and health. I studied for a Nutrition qualification so that I would be better equipped to help people lose weight. Through creating meal plans and coaching a number of women I have helped them to achieve a goal. I absolutely love to see women become healthier, fitter and most importantly happier. I believe my most important qualification is my own experience; I have been through the weight loss process and I know what it’s like to struggle so I relate well to others on the journey. I can tell you what worked for me and how I overcame weight loss and confidence struggles and I can tell you what I think will work for you. I still struggle with finding a healthy balance, I still have days where I overeat, I sometimes lose motivation to exercise and my body is not where I want it to be yet but I have come far from where I began and I want others to experience that too. Here are an example of some of the messages I receive from my clients; they make my day and remind me why I started this ministry:


A message from a client when she began to lose weight 


Examples of food diary photos sent to me by different clients



The Love Your Temple 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Losing weight is hard, especially when nobody around you understands what you’re trying to achieve and you do not have anyone to help motivate you, listen to your rants and give you advice. I created an 8 week challenge for a group of 10 women that used group motivation, weekly challenges and accountability to help women get healthier and lose weight. We used a Facebook group to communicate daily; the women would share their struggles, their cravings, their achievements and their goals. I’d set challenges and the women posted evidence such as photos of their meals and sweaty post-workout faces. Here is some of the feedback from the challenge:


What’s next for Love Your Temple?

I haven’t posted this so I can ‘show off’ everything that LYT God has done but I just wanted to look back at the year and make you aware of ways in which LYT might be able to help you.  I’ve enjoyed working one-to-one with women as opposed to hosting big events as I feel that they having more of a lasting impact and result in a more personal and specific change. However, I do want to have another event soon where women can come together and be inspired so watch space!

What do you want to see from Love Your Temple Ministries? What topics would you like to see discussed on the blog? What kind of events would you like to attend? Your feedback is always encouraged because you’re the ones who I want to help. Do you know any women with inspiring stories? Send them my way so I can give them an opportunity to help others! I want us as women to uplift and encourage each other to be better women. LYT is about being honest with struggles, overcoming the fear of being judged and using our experiences and knowledge to build each other up. So, if you want to get involved whether through writing a guest blog post or speaking at a future event; please get in touch.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported LYT so far, especially the speakers for The Way You See Me, the personal trainers from Operation Sweat, Love Loretta for providing food and Lorraine and Ian Johnson for their financial help. I appreciate you all. 

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