Vegbar Brixton – A Restaurant Review

I’ve been to a few vegan restaurants in my time but I’ve never talked about them on my blog. So far I’ve eaten at 222 Veggie Vegan, Greenz, Loving Hut, Cook Daily, Tibits and Vegbar and after turning vegan after 4 years of vegetarianism it’s great to open a menu and know you can order absolutely anything. Most restaurants have a few vegan options nowadays but there’s only so many bean burgers and falafel a girl can take! Vegetarian and vegan food is becoming much more accessible which is great; it’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry if restaurants can cater for my dietary choice or that it’s not a must for me to pack snacks everywhere I go. Wait, who am I kidding? There’s always food in my bag.

I visited Vegbar recently and thought it would be good to do a short review. You’ll have to excuse my photo quality though – I’m no professional blogger and definitely not a food photographer. Canon what? I’ll get there.


I went on a Wednesday evening after work and it was completely empty when my two friends and I arrived. Two more tables filled up throughout our time there but we mostly had the place to ourselves. The atmosphere is quite laid back and reflects the new ‘cool, hipster’ vibe that Brixton has recently adopted. I’m a North London girl but I’ve always known Brixton for the market and the Jamaican population but now I’m hearing that it’s become the new Clapham or Shoreditch and this restaurant definitely indicates that. Vegbar has a quirky vibe to it, just look at the menu layout. Can you say eco-friendly?



I ordered the BBQ Jackfruit burger which was described as a ‘tangy jack fruit topped coconut cheese & pickled red onions with tomato, avocado and mayo served with fries and slaw.’ I’ve heard a lot about jackfruit resembling pulled pork and so I was quite eager to try it for myself. I’ve never eaten pulled pork so I have no idea if it’s a good replacement but it had an interesting taste. I expected it to be more chewy but it was soft and quite sweet. It was nice but I was surprised by the sweetness. The fries were standard but the coleslaw was really good, I only wish I could have been given a bit more. Also, they do their own ketchup which I thought was a great idea and I’m sure it’s a lot healthier than Heinz.

I also ordered a side of macaroni cheese but sadly I was disappointed. My family are from Barbados so my macaroni standards are quite high but this dish lacked the main ingredient; the cheesy taste! It didn’t taste like cheese at all and there was far too much pepper.


One of my friends ordered wings and fish sticks and he was impressed. He said it actually tasted of meat and fish. My other friend ordered a vegetarian burger which she said was a tasty replica of a McDonalds Big Mac with the same components but as meat eater she could definitely taste the difference.


For dessert I had an Oreo cheesecake. Now, before I turned vegan I was a huge cheesecake fan so I was excited to relive my cake dreams but I can’t say I loved this cheesecake. It was pretty unique in texture; more of a gooey chocolately cake than the creamy biscuit based treat we all know. It was alright if that’s your kind of desert but just not what I envisioned. My friend enjoyed it though.


Vegbar is a nice place to go to if you want a quick vegan bite to eat but it’s not one of the bests places I’ve been to . I’m not a huge fan of meat substitutes so I’d prefer some fresher whole foods on the menu but it was nice to see an attempt made at re-creating some of the dishes you’d get in other restaurants e.g. burritos and fish and chips. A cool place to go if you’re craving some vegan junk.


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