When I find something great, I share! I’m not sponsored by any of these websites but they’ve helped me so I want them to help you too.

Youtube Workouts

Jillian Michaels – The 30 Day Shred

This workout WORKS trust me! It helped me lose weight and I reccomend it highly. It’s hard but it’s only 20 minutes so you can easily squeese it into your day. You’ll end up shouting at Jillian through the screen but she gets you results. I own the actual DVD but they’re also on Youtube.

Level 1 -

Level 2 –

Level 3 –


I have only tried a few of her workouts but her fanbase speaks for itself. There are so many workouts here to choose from and Cassey Ho has a great personality.

Scola Dondo

This girl is relatable and has a great weight-loss story. She posts regular videos on topics such as staying healthy on special occasions and binge eating. Also, she does Afrobeat style workouts which are fun to do.


TrainingĀ Advice

Everything you need and more at your fingertips; from workouts to meal plans to forums.

Training advice, nutrition and general good gym stuff.

Ministry Blogs

A great women’s ministry; inspiring blogs, book reviews, recipes and positive posts for women.

Healthy Living Blogs

Some of my favourite blogs thatĀ I’m subscribed to