So what is Love Your Temple Ministries?



Hi, I’m Hayley

23, loves honey loops granola, Pathfinders, event planning and travelling. 


I started this ministry so I could save myself.

I had always wanted to start my own women’s ministry because I felt that there were many women’s ministries/groups focused on ‘waiting for your Adam’ and ‘being single and happy’ but not enough focused on loving yourself for who you are and body confidence issues which was something I was suffering with myself. I hated my body and had low self confidence but there didn’t seem to be any focus on that on women’s ministries websites or at Women’s Days. So I always told myself, “Once you overcome your struggles, you can help others’,’ and so I waited.


In 2013 I jumped onto the ‘eat clean, train dirty’ bandwaggon and surprinsgly remained consistent to it. I lost weight and gained some confidence but I’m still not completely satisfied. As much as I love my new toned arms and nearly-there 4 pack I still have days where I feel like a whale and I compare myself to other girls all the time. So I stopped waiting for someone to come and change me and started Love Your Temple so that I could reach out to other ladies like me and share what I’ve learnt on my journey so far whilst also providing inspirational and useful resources and events so that we can learn, grow and overcome together. 

So this blog is to help myself and then help you. Because we all deserve to feel beautiful; it just takes some of us longer than others.